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Precious Stone
- Ruby
- Pearl
- Red Coral
- Emerald
- Yellow Sapphire
- Diamond
- Blue Sapphire
- Gomed
- Cat's Eye
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Semi Precious Stone
- Tiger Eye's
- Opal
- Tarquoise
- Moon Stone
- Red Garnet
- Aquamarine
- Green Tourmaline
- Pink Tormaline
- Lapiz Lazuli
- Piles Stone
- White Coral
- Citrine
- Amethyst
- Kidney Stone
Planet Stone Colour Nature Wearing Day First Hora Main Stone Secondary Stone Approx Weight Finger Metal
Sun Red Hot Sunday Ruby Star Ruby, Sun stone, Spinel, Agate, Red Rattis 3 to 4 Right hand 3rd finger Gold copper
Moon White cold Monday White Pearl Moonstone 4 Either hand 3rd finger Silver
Mars Deep Red Hot Tuesday Red Coral Garnet, Red Cornelian, Red Jasper 3 to 4 Either hand 34d or 1st finger Copper Gold
Mercury Green Cold Wednesday Emerald Green-jade, Onix, Green Acqumarine, Peridot, Turquoise 3 to 4 Either hand 2nd or 4th finger Gold Panchaloha
Jupiter Yellow Thursday Yellow Saphire Golden Topaz 4 to 5 Either hand 1st or 3rd finger Gold Tin.
Venus Bluish Friday Diamond 1/4 ratti in silver, gold or platinum. Tourmaline, Rock crystal, white Zircom, white coral. 3 to 4 Either hand 2nd or 4th finger Silver Gold.
Saturn Black Saturday Blue sapphire Neelam, Amethyst, Black topaz, lapiz lazuil 3 to 4 Either hand 2nd finger Lead Iron (silver)
Rahu Cold Mixed Colour yellow Maroon grey Saturday Gomed Brown Tourmaline brown agate 3 Either hand 2nd finger Iron Panchaloha.
Ketu Very hot. Mixed, brown, yeallow. Tuesday Cat's eye. Lapiz lazuli, Tiger's eye, Agate, Turquoise. 3 Right hand 3rd finger Steel Panchaloha. silver is also suggested.

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