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Puja of Shaligram

POOJAN VIDHI: Shaligram is worshipped like one worships Lord Vishnu. Normally tulsi is used essentially and also a counch shell (Shankh) is also kept near the Shaligram. Daily worship with purity of heart and body is required to get full benefits from Shaligram. (Ref.: Shrimaddevi Bhagwat).

To perform puja of the Shaligram which you have selected to install in your altar of worship, you will need the following 'samagri' or ingredients:

Ganga Jal, Panchgavya (a mixture of 5 auspicious articles that include: Cowdung, Cow's urine, Milk, Ghee and Curd), fresh Tulsi leaves, Kusha grass, Pipal leaves, Incense sticks, Camphor, Sandal paste, Lamp burner, and a conch shell. You may substitute any item that is not available with uncooked rice.

Offerings to the Shaligram can be of Milk, Fruits, Flowers, Sweet dishes or a Coconut.

Procedure To Be Followed For The Puja:

1. Sit in a position in which you can face the East or North-East direction.
2. Wash the Shaligram with Ganga Jal poured from the conch shell. Then wash it again with punchgavya, and then wash it once more with Ganga Jal.
3. Place some kusha grass in a stainless steel glass filled with water to sprinkle over the Shaligram.
4.Now, put the Shaligram on some pipal leaves placed on a plate. Light the camphor, incense sticks and the lamp filled with ghee.
5.Apply some sandal paste on the Shaligram and place some fresh tulsi leaves in front of the Shila.
6. Light the lamp and move it in a circular, clockwise movement of the hand in front of the Shaligram.
7. Chant the mantra: "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare" nine times.
8. Offer milk, fruits or sweets to the Shaligram. Offer some money and then give that money to a poor person.

Note: If you are worshiping more than one Shaligram, make sure they are in even numbers. This means you should have either two, four or six Shaligrams. Place a tulsi mala around them or offer fresh tulsi leaves every where. It is important to remember that even the water that has touched the Shaligram becomes 'amrit' (holy water), while you are bathing it, has tremendous properties. If you drink this water, it can help bring relief from various physical ailments and poor health so you can lead a more healthy life.

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